Hare & Ransome is a speciality manufacturer of bespoke joinery and shop fittings to a national market. As a company we recognise that our operations have the potential to affect the environment and therefore take a pro-active approach to improving our overall performance so as to minimise our impact on the environment.

All staff are aware of the environmental sensitivity of the business sector in which we operate and recognise that our use of energy in both the manufacturing and transporting of our products. To this end the company has adopted a precise and compliant Environmental policy.

Hare & Ransome ensure that all operations are carried out in compliance with all appropriate and relevant legal requirements, however we are keen to take responsibility for our contribution to negative effects on the environment.

Even our workshops are heated by an energy efficient wood burner using discarded timbers that cannot be recycled for further use.


Because we are committed to minimising impacts on the environment, all timber used within our manufacturing processes are ‘chain of custody’ certified and can be traced back to forests that are sustainably managed.